There is festivity in the air with Easter upon us and what better way to celebrate than with the added vibes of another full Moon! Lighting up the skies at 4.55am AEST on Sunday 17 April, she is this time passing through the loving, adaptable and gracious sign of Libra.

Known as the peacemaker of the zodiac, Libran’s have a knack for partnerships and relationships. They are balanced, fair and diplomatic (with an extra side of charm) and help others to see the harmony between their physical, mental and spiritual worlds. Ruled by the love-making planet Venus and as the natural ruler of the seventh astrological house associated with, you guessed it… partnerships, there is possibly no better sign that encourages us to enjoy the company of others!

When the Moon is in Libra, it is a time for us to focus on our expression of love and relations. It is a time to find balance between our world and those that are a part it. Relish in their company! Notice their uniqueness. Hold close the way that they make you feel. But most of all, enjoy the dance of spending time with those that are different to us but make our world feel complete.

However, in our pursuit of balanced and harmonious connections, it is also not uncommon for us to become torn in different directions or find it difficult to take a stance. Feeling like this is particularly true at this time? You have the Libra full Moon to thank for that! During this time, try to also focus on being decisive and standing up for what you believe in. Express your own needs and avoid getting overshadowed in your interactions with others. For the foundation of our relationships should be appreciation of each other’s differences, as well as our similarities.

So, with the Libra full Moon shining bright in the skies above, let us be in our relationships, whilst also holding a mirror up to ourselves and letting our reflection shine through to those that we love!


Lapis Lazuli

A rock of peace, protection and harmony, Lapis Lazuli is the ultimate crystal to harness all of the vibes on offer at the time of this Libra full Moon.


Helping us to bring alignment to our beliefs and intuition, Labradorite is particularly powerful at this time to express our own needs and stand up for what we believe in.

Rose Quartz

The stone of love. This crystal needs no introduction or explanation!