Element: Water

Archetype: Detective

Key phrase: I desire

Potentials: Embracing the ability to think deeply and with great perception

Challenges: Overcoming tendencies for secretiveness or suspiciousness


Yes - it’s that time again! Another full Moon is upon us, and this time, she is transitioning through the wildly focussed and perceptive zodiac sign of Scorpio. After commencing her cycle approximately two weeks ago, the Moon will again reach her peak at 1.31pm AEST on Tuesday 27 April. But this full Moon is not just any full Moon… It is also a Super Moon, which allows us to harness additional celestial energy that is only on offer twice this year!! Bingo!

A Super Moon occurs when either a full or new Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth in her orbit, making her appear bigger and brighter than usual to the naked eye. But it is not only her size that is heightened! From a vibes perspective, a Super Moon also allows us to double down on all that is on offer during an ordinary Moon cycle, delivering twice the benefits for half the effort.

This Scorpio full Moon is all about intensity. If heightened thoughts and emotions during an ordinary full Moon aren’t enough, the coinciding of her transition through Scorpio and close proximity to Earth mean that this time around, we are all likely to feel it! During this Super full Moon, we may find ourselves being increasingly sensitive, secretive or even resentful. Or we may find things that we have been suppressing suddenly boil to the surface. But remember, a full Moon in general provides an opportunity for us to let go of what is no longer serving us and expand towards forgiveness and gratitude. So, let’s get cracking!

It is increasingly important at this time that we give in to our emotions and thoughts, get out of our head, and just go with the flow. This is not the time to try and regain control. It is the time to release and accept whatever it is that is going on in our world. Or in other words, just let what be, be.

Scorpio is ruled by the transformative planet, Pluto, meaning that during this Moon phase we may also notice that we transform or grow in certain aspects of our lives. We may find that we can break free of certain bonds or shackles that have been holding us back in order to change and evolve. So, let go, release, renew and transform, and see what this Super full Moon can do for you!


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz helps us balance the intensity of the Scorpio full Moon and release negativity, making it an ideal crystal to ground us during this heightened emotional time.


This rock is ideal for harnessing the positive aspects of the Scorpio full Moon and offers the legendary powers of stimulating and softening the mind and emotions.