It’s the start of a new zodiac calendar with the Sun moving into Aries! And with this new year we also welcome the start of another Moon cycle, with our divine goddess becoming new again at 5.24pm AEDT on Friday 1 April. This time she is passing through the courageous, pioneering and action-focussed sign of the newly born – Aries – making this a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Aries is known as the pioneer of the zodiac. As the natural ruler of the first astrological house associated with the self, it is a sign embolised by powerful physical energy primarily directed towards… you guessed it – Me, myself and I. Ariens are strong-willed, energetic and independent. They are fearless and unafraid. They are bold. They are the true daredevils.

When the Moon is in Aries, we feel a desire to unleash our inner warrior and initiate action. This is a time where our energy may feel as if it is at an all-time high. We may become increasingly assertive and passionate, perhaps even forceful. That which has been uncertain may suddenly become clear. We may also unexpectedly feel a need to express ourselves in a unique or different way, or even change our appearance. Whatever feels right for you at this time, allow it to happen. Take the action that you feel is necessary to open the doors to future opportunity for YOU.

However, in focussing on ourselves, it is also important that we remember to not become overly self-centred or uncooperative. It is equally as pertinent at the time of this new Moon, to listen to the perspective and needs of others. See the shades of grey and try not to become blinded by single-minded or black-and-white thinking. For it is possible to take action on ourselves whilst still being mindful of others.

So with the Aries new Moon beginning its new cycle in the skies above, take action to forge ahead, vigilant, but unafraid!



With unparalleled powers of courage and strength, Pyrite is the ideal rock to harness the influences of the Aries new Moon, bringing confidence, empowerment and willpower to oneself.

Red Jasper

Helping us to be optimistic and daring, Red Jasper gives us the confidence to take action and seek out a new opportunity.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz softens the self-centred focus of this new Moon, allowing us to open our heart and see the perspective and needs of others.