Element: Air

Archetype: Revolutionary

Key phrase: I know

Potentials: Harnessing innovative and inquisitiveness of the mind

Challenges: Overcoming rebellion and detachment in relationships


The magical Moon kicks off its next cycle with the second new Moon of 2021 hitting the skies at 6.05am AEDT on 12 February. This time around, she will be in the inventive and revolutionary sign of Aquarius, making it an optimal time for us to plant the seeds and manifest our way towards achieving our dreams!

The new Moon is arguably the most liberating phase of the lunar cycle. It is the time to look forward, plan and invite what we desire into our lives. It is the time to commit to what we want – not what we don’t want. And with this being only the second new Moon of 2021, and also heralded by the Chinese New Year, we have the added benefit of setting intentions for what we want this year to deliver to us. Hello freedom?

When the Moon passes through Aquarius, we tend to be more motivated by our intellect than our emotions and have an increasing desire to be heard. We may also become more aware of social issues, or have sudden bright ideas that we are driven to act upon.

Friendships are increasingly important during this period, however it is also the time where we may find ourselves becoming detached from those that we love.

Take control of the Aquarius new Moon by nurturing your relationships and showing others how much you care for them. Consider what aspirations you may have for 2021 that involve the ones that you love or have an impact over groups of people. Communication is an ever-present theme during the Aquarius new Moon, so open your throat chakra and speak clearly and with purpose. Are you being true to yourself and others? If not, now is the time to change.

With Aquarius being an air sign of the zodiac, you may find that manifesting with incense heightens your creations. The smoke represents air, elevating your thoughts and words into the universe and cosmos beyond.



Celestite connects with the air element of the zodiac and enhances communication between us and our spiritual guides. Use this crystal to seek clarity from your guides and uplift your manifestations – and watch your dreams breeze into your reality!

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate opens the throat chakra, and enhances harmony and cooperation. It is an ideal crystal to be used when wanting to build relationships or invite new people into your life.

Black Moonstone

The new Moon is often associated with darkness and unveiled mysteries, which pairs well with the shadowy and enveloping energy of Black Moonstone. Use this crystal to create mental space and unveil what is important to you in your life – without becoming too attached to the outcome of your intention.