Kicking off our first Moon Journal of 2022 is none other than a new Moon in Aquarius – the revolutionary or awakener of the zodiac! This next Moon cycle is due to commence at 4.46pm AEDT on Tuesday 1 February. With Aquarius being a largely cerebral sign, this Moon offers a fresh outlook and perspective on life. Possibly what we are needing after a full-on January… And, how satisfying (or fated!) that it also coincides with a fresh start in the footings of Chinese New Year!

We may find that during this time we become increasingly aware of social issues or have an unrelenting desire to be heard. We may also find ourselves becoming detached or contrary in our relationships, often as a result of being motivated by our head as opposed to our heart. For some, this Moon may also trigger fears of losing our freedom, independence or individuality. Our internal conflict may also be at an all-time high. This is all ok. Allow for these feelings and realisations to be just as they are… For they are the workings of Aquarian energy, commissioning its celestial magic!

Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh astrological house, relating to friends, groups and humanitarian ideals. In modern astrology, Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus, which symbolises revolution and change in the natal chart. This combined energy means that Aquarius is a zodiac sign exemplified by individualistic, progressive and intuitive thinking. Have you ever known an Aquarian to not be the one with a sudden, bright or new idea that just… works? But with yin there is yang, and with these potentials comes a tendency for rebellion and distance.

Focus on spending quality and devoted time with others during the phase of this new Moon. Use mindfulness as a reminder to take check of your motivations, and to step out of your head and into your heart. Take check of what lessons there are to be learned. See if you can see a situation from a different angle. And most importantly, find ways to shine a light on your inner rebel and just be individually you.



The Aquarian energy power stone. Use Amethyst at this time to lap up all of the potentials and challenges of the Aquarius new Moon.


Opening the heart to emotional healing, Rhodonite is the ideal rock to help us get out of our head, and centre on what is truly meaningful to us – that which is hidden in the locks of our heart.