Element: Earth

Archetype: Prime Minister

Key phrase: I use

Potentials: Exploiting trends for organisation, hardwork and discipline

Challenges: Overcoming rigidity and learning to adapt to change


With nearly half of 2021 in our back pocket, it is time that we reflect on what we have achieved so far this year and what is left unticked on our to-do list. Capricorn is the useful do-er of the zodiac. It is all about getting sh*t done and adopts an organised and disciplined approach to do so. So, with the next full Moon passing through this hardworking sign, there is no better time than now to reflect and make a plan for the next 6 months…

We have been lucky so far this year to have had two Super full Moons already take place in April and May – and our luck is about to triple down because this full Moon is yet another Super Moon! However, with this being the last for 2021, we need to do our best to grasp that extra celestial potential and amplified Moon vibes while they are still on offer!

Ready! Set! Go!

This full Moon will reach her peak at 4.39am on Friday 25 June.

When the Moon is in Capricorn, it is not uncommon for us to feel more ambitious than usual. Some say the sky is the limit, and that is certainly true at this time! This extra determination and strive can be super helpful to progress aspects related to our work, career or business goals.

We may also find that we have a bit more patience than we normally do, or that our usually chaotic life feels a little more organised. Who couldn’t be happy with that? This may leave us a little extra time to ponder what’s next, or help others to do the same. Capricorns are naturally deep thinkers and good listeners so why not use this energy and increased desire for usefulness to our advantage and do good for both ourselves and others.

With Capricorn being known for its rigidity and occasional pessimism, it is also important during this Super full Moon to remind ourselves to be flexible and look at the glass half full. Remember to flow with change and look beyond tradition. After all, man never walked on the Moon by thinking it was too far away!


Smoky Quartz

The ultimate grounder! Use Smoky Quartz at this time to make big life changes that better align with your soul path in this lifetime.

Rainforest Jasper

This earthy crystal is connected to our Root and Heart Chakra and helps to support our business and career goals.