Element: Air

Archetype: Lover

Key phrase: I balance

Potentials: Showing tact and diplomacy whilst maintaining grace and charm

Challenges: Avoiding indecisiveness and not taking a stance


Like a torch in the dark, the Moon will again light up the night sky and reach her full being at 5.48am AEDT on Monday 29 March. Transitioning through the harmonious and graceful sign of Libra, one of the three air signs of the zodiac, this full Moon is a bright reminder to stop and see the beauty in life, with a particular emphasis on our relationships.

Libra is ruled by the loved-up planet Venus and is the natural ruler of the seventh astrological house of partnerships in the natal chart. As its rulership suggests, its focus is on partnerships in all of their forms – friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and even those whom we have difficultly seeing eye-to-eye. The Libran energy is about being decisive, seeing the beauty, and expressing love and affection in order to find balance and congruence in our relationships.

This full Moon is a time to ask ourselves, “Have I been living my life through someone else?” or “Have I been too easily influenced or gullible?” Remember, the full Moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. It offers a cosmic reminder for us to deal with things that have challenged us, upset us or remain unresolved, and let go of them, so that we can go forth into the next Moon phase free and ready to set intentions that can help us manifest what we truly desire in our lives. So, what is it that candidly comes up for you at this time?

As the Moon beams brightly, it shines a light on our darkness – our subconscious – or the deepest part of ourselves that we can’t see. The Libran vibe of this full Moon provides insight for us to see where things are out of balance, and what we need to do to bring them back into harmony. Don’t fight what it is that you see! Instead, embrace the incongruences. See them for what they really are… opportunities to grow and develop in this lifetime!



Aligning with the third eye chakra, this powerful stone helps us focus on the thoughts or feelings of others. It may help us release and let go by seeing our world from another’s point of view.

White Moonstone

Resembling the soft shimmer and wholeness of the full Moon, White Moonstone embodies this delightful time perfectly and can be used to draw us closer to manifesting what we desire.


Angelite can assist us create a peaceful and calm space for us to undertake our full Moon ritual, allowing us to call upon our angels and spiritual guides in a relaxed, balanced and harmonious environment.