It’s the time for us to say, “Happy Birthday Pisces”, meaning it’s also the time for us to welcome to the Pisces new Moon of 2022, with our divine grace set to commence another cycle and glisten in the skies above at 4.34am AEDT on Thursday 3 March.

Pisces is a zodiac sign renowned for the mystical. It is creative, intuitive, compassionate and kind. Known as the dreamer of the zodiac, it has roots in the expression “I believe” and potentials and challenges that are largely transcendent. Pisces makes us feel at one with the Universe. It is the natural ruler of the twelfth astrological house associated with our most hidden subconscious urges, including our deep-rooted feelings, karma and secrets. It is ruled by the planet Neptune which is symbolic of our spirituality in the natal chart. 

At the spell of the Pisces new Moon, it is a time for us to let go of our reels of control and float away in our imagination and spirituality. Slowly dissolve our ego and old life patterns, attune to the immaterial forces of life, and find oneness with our world.

During this time, we may find that we feel more sensitive, insecure or self-deceptive than usual. We may also find that we become confused more easily or are searching for opportunities to escape our reality. Be at peace with these feelings, for they allow us to pierce through our personality in order to set it free from selfish pursuits – exactly what this new Moon is all about.

Music, art, dance, poetry, meditation and other creative and spiritual acts are particularly powerful at the time of the Pisces new Moon. So let your inspiration run wild, dance freely, chant and sing with an open heart, and allow yourself to fully succumb to the unequalled power of this divine timing.



Amethyst is possibly the most powerful rock for the Pisces new Moon. It provides spiritual protection, allows us to harness our divine intuition and curbs any inclination for escapism by bringing a sense of calmness. It also aids in good sleep providing us the opportunity to get carried away in the mystic of our in our dreams.


With all of the action going on in our heads at this time, it is not uncommon for us to need some grounding and balance. Tourmaline is an intensely protective crystal, known to help combat the energetic highs and lows that can be felt when interacting with other strong energies or situations.


Known as the artist’s stone, Carnelian helps us tap into our creativity. Stimulating innovative energy and self-expression, this crystal is perfectly aligned to the mystical and imaginative potentials of the Pisces new Moon.