“Let me serve myself through my service to humanity, accepting the credit for my own magnificence.”


For the ninth time this year, the divine Moon is set to again commence another cycle at 10.51am AEST on Tuesday 7 September. This time, she is passing through the poised, loyal and helpful sign of Virgo. Considered the servant of the zodiac, the celestial energy of this new Moon is all about our service to others. And with a little dose of Virgoan perfectionism and diligence, this is the time to find meaning through productivity and pleasure through giving.

Virgo is ruled by the sixth astrological house, relating to our everyday work and health. And with 2020 and 2021 undoubtably being two of the most challenging years for many of us, there is no qualm that a helping hand at this time will go a long way towards what the doctor ordered. 

Use the celestial energy of this new cycle to consider how you may be able to help others. Whilst this could be supporting a colleague by taking on some of their work or cooking a hearty meal for your neighbour or someone that you love, it does not always have to be grand to be meaningful. Sometimes, and arguably even more importantly at this time, it is the smaller acts of service that have the longest effect.

Why not see how many of the below suggestions you can tick off over the next week:

  • Smile at a stranger (even if this is behind a mask!)
  • Pick up rubbish in the community
  • Share information that you are knowledgeable about
  • Donate something you no longer want or need
  • Compliment someone
  • Lift your recycling game
  • Contact a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Turn off your phone when spending time with loved ones
  • Pay forward a coffee
  • Write a handwritten note
  • Making a wish for someone other than yourself

As with any new Moon, the commencement of a new cycle provides us with an opportunity to look forward, plan and invite what we desire into our lives. It is the time to commit to what we want – not what we don’t want. So, as we go forth in our service to others, also consider what is missing from our own life, and how we can use the wise Virgoan energy of this new Moon to manifest our own reality.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine aligns with the practical nature of Virgo. Use this rock at this time to find clarity in seeing what is serving ourselves and others, and what is not.


A stone of connection, Agate unlocks our emotional side and helps us open up, making it an ideal crystal to use at the time of the Virgo new Moon.