The divine Moon is a familiar light to all of us. Without fail, she graces our skies each night – sometimes big, sometimes small, and sometimes not visible at all. But regardless of whether we can see her or not, the Moon’s influence is always transcending.


In her cyclic ways, the Moon takes around 27 days to orbit planet Earth and circle the zodiac (spending approximately two and a half days per zodiac sign). Throughout this time, she is accessible to us in various different phases – all the way from new to full and back again.

At the start of her cycle – the new Moon – the Moon and the Sun are conjunct in the same sign of the zodiac. During this time, the Moon is not visible from our home on Earth, due to being in such close proximity to the Sun. The time taken for the Moon to grow towards being full again is called ‘waxing’. During this time, we gradually see her become fuller each and every night. This two-week period is divided into the first and second quarter.

Once she has waxed and reached her full being, the Moon and the Sun occupy opposite signs of the zodiac. The Moon is rising at almost the same time the Sun is setting. At the time of the full Moon, her embrace is undeniable. She illuminates the night sky, living up to every essence of her luminary title – being ‘full of light’. The time taken for the Moon to fade towards being new again is called ‘waning’. During this time, we gradually see her shrink smaller each and every night. This two-week period is divided into the third and fourth quarter.


The Moon is ruled by Cancer – one of the three water signs of the zodiac. It is therefore not surprising that her influence extends to bodies of water, such as tides, or things made up of water, such as melons, cucumbers and lettuce. But what is her influence over us as human beings?

Human beings are made up of a considerable amount of water – anywhere up to 75%. As the ruler of the umbilical chakra, solar plexus and flow of bodily fluids, the Moon, throughout her cycle, has an influence over our body’s tendency to either absorb or release fluids. By tuning into these natural drifts, we are able to plan our health and beauty treatments for those days when they will be most advantageous and effective.

In medical astrology, each zodiac sign rules various organs, systems or parts of the body. By supporting and strengthening these body parts based on the zodiac sign that the Moon is moving through on her journey around Earth, we are able to indulge in added health and beauty benefits. Remember, in each cycle, the Moon spends approximately two and a half days per zodiac sign.

  • ARIES: Brain, head and face
  • TAURUS: Throat, neck, tonsils, thyroid, vocal tract, ears
  • GEMINI: Lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, nervous system
  • CANCER: Digestive system, breasts, stomach
  • LEO: Heart, spine, upper back
  • VIRGO: Intestines, spleen
  • LIBRA: Kidneys, low back, endocrine system, skin
  • SCORPIO: Reproductive system, anus, bladder
  • SAGITTARIUS: Hips, thighs, liver
  • CAPRICORN: Knees, joints, skeletal system, teeth
  • AQUARIUS: Calves, ankles, circulatory system
  • PISCES: Feet, lymphatic system

The Moon symbolises our emotions, feelings and basic needs for security, love and comfort in the natal chart. It goes without saying that it is not uncommon for us to experience fluctuations in our emotions and feelings at different phases of the Moon’s cycle. Being mindful of this influence can help us be more understanding and accepting when responding to ourselves and others.


So, we know that by harnessing the power of the Moon, we are able to get more out of our health and beauty routines, but what should we be doing and when?

New Moon

At the time of the new Moon, it is most beneficial to rest, fast and undertake meditative self-enquiry.

  • Do: Have a bath, meditate and press snooze on your early morning alarm
  • Avoid: Intensive exercise

Waxing Moon

During this two-week growth and expansive phase, our cells are absorbing and retaining moisture, toxins and energy. Make the most of this phase by enjoying nourishing, regenerative and strengthening treatments and movement.

  • Do: Put on a face mask, get your daily dose of vitamins and attend a Pilates class
  • Avoid: Exfoliating or chemical peels

Full Moon

The intensive and magical full Moon is a time of abundance!

  • Do: Rub in some moisturising body oil and amplify your mood with heavenly scents
  • Avoid: Anything stressful

Waning Moon

During this two-week fading phase, our cells are releasing moisture, toxins and energy. Treatments and movement that support the body in its tendency to cleanse, detox and release are particularly beneficial during this time.

  • Do: Wax, dry body brush and book in for a lymphatic drainage massage
  • Avoid: Nourishing facials or body treatments


Get ready to maximise your health and beauty routines in 2021 by preparing for this year’s lunar cycles:

New Moon

  •   12 February – Aquarius 
  •   13 March – Pisces 
  •   12 April – Aries
  •   12 May – Taurus 
  •   10 June – Gemini 
  •   10 July – Cancer 
  •   8 August – Leo 
  •   7 September – Virgo 
  •   6 October – Libra
  •   5 November – Scorpio
  •   4 December – Sagittarius 

Full Moon

  •   27 February – Virgo
  •   29 March – Libra 
  •   27 April – Scorpio 
  •   26 May – Sagittarius 
  •   25 June – Capricorn
  •   24 July – Aquarius
  •   22 August – Aquarius 
  •   21 September – Pisces
  •   21 October – Aries
  •   19 November – Taurus
  •   19 December – Gemini