“Allow me to spread the waters of the new age to every individual, giving each human being what he or she deserves, including myself.”


The divine Moon is set to create another visual spectacular on the backdrop of the night sky, with a full Moon lighting us up on Saturday 24 July at 12.36pm AEST. This time around she is in the friendly, humanistic and innovative sign of Aquarius. It has been twelve months since we have had a full Moon in Aquarius, so be sure to embrace in her power and receive all that is possible from this magical moment.

When the Moon passes through Aquarius, we tend to be motivated by our intellect rather than our emotion. This is an ideal time to check in with our soul and ask ourselves whether we have been too much in our head and not enough in our heart. It is important that we detach from our mind and go forth in a direction that is innately true to our core. Use this opportunity to open up your spirit and realign yourself with what you truly desire. And if you are unsure what you truly desire, use the magnificence of this time to call upon your angels and guides to help.

Aquarius is also a sign known for its humanitarian and friendly class, however, this can come at a cost. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is not uncommon for us to give so much to others, that we become fatigued from doing so. This is particularly true for Aquarius, who has a tendency for detachment and a desire to be ‘everything to everyone’ – at the cost of real relationships. Use the energy of this Aquarius full Moon to pause and practice mindfulness in your relationships and encounters with others. Your relationships will flourish as a result, and your heart will feel fuller from doing so!

Stressful aspects of the Aquarius full Moon may cause us to become fearful of losing our freedom or individuality. In the true nature of its air element, it is important that we float with the breeze of what life is throwing at us right now and remain true to our core. Use the celestial energy of this time to usher in change and progress and detach from our ideals. By doing so, our individuality will shine through and we will experience freedom from the shackles of life. What a delightful gift!



Celestite speaks to the air element of Aquarius and facilitates communication between us and our spiritual guides. A perfect rock to keep close at this time to aid in our alignment with our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 


Aquamarine is aligned with the concept of detachment and letting go – a key message of the Aquarius full Moon. Use this crystal to inspire truth and trust, and to instil a sense of calm at this perhaps chaotic time.