We create timeless, heartfelt and personalised gifts for life’s key moments that draw upon the power of astrology


Our four unique collections of zodiac natal charts are all customised through analysis of the positioning of the five personal planets – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – at the time, place and date of one’s birth.

Available in unframed and digital formats.

Unframed charts include complimentary gift wrapping and ship for free within Australia. International shipping is available for a flat rate of $15 AUD. Digital charts are delivered to your inbox.

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Our Founder

Natalie Maree is the Founder of NM Zodiacs. She is currently studying the nationally and internationally renowned Diploma of Astrology through the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA), and is a member of both the FAA and the Queensland Federation of Astrologers. 

Natalie Maree holds her family close to her heart. She is married to her true soul mate, Josh, and mother to her precious son, Oscar, and daughter, Willow. Natalie Maree is a Sun in Virgo.

Our Story

Natalie Maree's late maternal Grandma, Noela Marjorie, was committed to creating bespoke and personalised natal charts for family and friends, and did so with an immense degree of accuracy

Since Noela Marjorie's passing in 2017, Natalie Maree has become devoted to ensuring her Grandma's legacy lives on for all to enjoy. NM Zodiacs has been affectionately named after Noela Marjorie and Natalie Maree's sharing of initials - NM.

"The zodiac charts for Violet and Beau are such special gifts that give little insights into their growing personalities. It's such a lovely gift idea for a new parent, new baby arrival, or for a birthday, I just love them!"

Deborah Symond O'Neil @deborahsymondoneil

"Reading through my little boys natal chart has given us such a little window of insight into the human he will grow to be. Already we can see so many little attributes of his personality shining through a 4 months old and so thankful to have such a beautiful piece to hang up."

Keira Rumble @krumble

"When we received our charts, it was clear that an immense amount of careful design and writing had been placed into their creation. Guests to our home often comment on how accurately the astrology readings compliment our personality traits. Almost like a prologue about us that our guests can enjoy when entering our home."


"I was blessed to be given a framed reading from a good mate for my 40th birthday recently. It was created by NM Zodiacs and made a big stepping stone in life so much more special. The reading was so touching and inspiring along with stylish and graceful artwork to match."


"Beautifully put together and detailed, from the chart itself to the wrapping and card. Would highly recommend as a gift for someone special in your life."


The Art of Astrology

Astrology is based on the concept of 'as above, so below', whereby it is considered that the movement and positioning of the cosmic bodies in the skies above, have a direct impact on all living beings below. The natal chart is considered a tool for examining the power of the skies. It provides a snapshot of the exact positioning of the planets, relative to Earth, at a discrete moment in time - such as birth. The word astrology is derived from the Greek words 'astern' meaning 'star', and 'logos' meaning 'word'. It literally means 'the language of the stars'.