“Release me from the lower limits of my ego and bring forth from within me the phoenix energy of rebirth.”


If you have been asking yourself lately where 2021 has gone, you are certainly not alone. This year seems to have flown quicker than the Sun’s trip into the next zodiac sign! And with Christmas and the start of another year fast approaching (yet again!), now is the time to take check of the goals we set ourselves at the start of 2021 and determine what is still left to be ticked off before the year is out…

There are only two complete Moon cycles left for the remainder of this year. Meaning two more opportunities to harness the celestial power that is on offer to us each month to thrust us closer to the completion of those unrelenting goals. Now is the time to get deep and take control!

With the Sun now having moved into the focussed, deeply passionate and strong-willed sign of Scorpio, the Moon is set to do the same. Commencing a new cycle at 8.14am AEDT on Friday 5 November, this new Moon is all about dropping our baggage and showing our true selves in an unguarded moment.

Scorpio is the ruler of transformations and sexuality, with a side of desire for power and money. It is about breaking free from the bonds of life, in order to transform and evolve. Its energy is intense. So it should come as no surprise that the energy of this new Moon may feel the same. Embrace this intensity for whilst our emotions may be at an extreme, our determination and instinctive urge to achieve will also be thrusted the same dose of passion! 

Use this time to consider any feelings of possessiveness, jealously, stubbornness or secrecy that you may be experiencing. Instead of fostering these feelings, focus on channelling this powerful emotional energy in a positive direction towards inner strength. Learn to share openly through trust and release any resentment. Harness your instinctive urge to achieve, by encouraging others to achieve more. Take a good look at your financial and sexual partnerships and look for opportunities to deepen your relationships. Giving and receiving must happen equally to maintain a happy partnership.

Any commitments made at the time of the Scorpio new Moon usually have an extra dose of staying power, so set those intentions, commit to ticking off your goals and send off 2021 with a BANG!



A stone of mystery and grounding, Obsidian pairs perfectly with the Scorpio new Moon. Use this crystal at this time to communicate clearly and concisely, both with yourself and in your financial and sexual partnerships.


Sodalite helps us transform our negative thoughts into more rational ones, making it an ideal rock for this celestial time.